Esoteric astrology rulerships

Going to a Higher Level with Astrology

These accepted facts of astrological wisdom have come to be used mostly quantitatively and pragmatically-as indications of greatest strength of expression for the planet considered. One does not generally ask what the meaning of this special strength may be, nor what qualitative content lies hidden in each statement. It suggests a state of full vibrancy — what any entity experiences and radiates when its core principle is engaged by the presenting opportunity to fully actualise its design.

Fullness of being is what exalts any unit of consciousness.

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In this sign, the planet comes fully to itSelf. It is fulfilled — its central identity galvanised, its fundamental purpose evoked, revealed and fully orchestrated by the zodiacal context of the sign.

The Esoteric Doctrines of the Planetary Dignities

My attempt in the study to follow has been to unfold the more comprehensive picture of a planet which its exaltation reveals — to bring to light a deeper level of significance related to the purpose of a planetary being. The perspectives gained can then be brought to bear upon individual experience and lend insight, not only into exalted placements in a chart, but into the planets themselves and the houses in which they are exalted.

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You can do so on this blog. By: venusastro on March 9, at am Reply. I think we do what we have to do. By: VT on February 13, at am Reply. This dynamic applies to all of the planetary bodies.

My intention and hope is to elicit, beyond the practical use of the planetary alphabet to read into psyche and existence, a more comprehensive relation to the beings who play their part in the cosmic psyche and pursue their tasks through its human replica — our individual psyche; to ponder their purposes which drive our lives because they are our purposes, and within and through each of us, bring man and world:.

The meditative penetration into the purposes of the planets attempted in this book is anchored in certain tenets of esoteric astrology, in particular some fundamental indications given by A. Bailey in her book Esoteric Astrology. The reader unfamiliar with these is invited to use as references the tables presented below.

Esoteric Astrology - an overview

Most significant in regard to this study is the notion of three levels of rulerships for each zodiacal sign. The second table lists the seven rays- the seven energies said to underlie all manifestation. Mentioned by H. The rays are spiritual energies, and give life and power to the constellations — each ray flows through three signs.

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Ray 1 Will-Power — Aries, Leo, Capricorn Strengths: Will-Power, leadership, self reliance, persistence, courage, ambitious shoulders heavy responsibilities. Weaknesses: destructive, cruel, impatient, aloof, controlling, pride, arrogance, isolationist. Ray 2 Love-Wisdom — Gemini, Virgo, Pisces Strengths: wise, inclusive, understanding, patient, empathetic, considerate, kind and loving.

Weaknesses: over-sensitive, seeks approval, craves popularity, dependent, self-pitying, fearful. Vocations: Teaching, healing, religion. Ray 3 Active Intelligence — Cancer, Libra, Capricorn Strengths: highly flexible, wide ranging mind; powerful intellect, capable of rigorous analysis, ability to plan and strategise, powerful oratory, business skill and cleverness, highly active and motivated.

Weaknesses: manipulating, deceitful, devious, restless, too voluble, game playing, too material. Vocations: Business and financial entrepreneurs, stimulating the intellect in others, strategists, philosophers. Ray 4 Harmony through Conflict — Taurus, Scorpio, Sagittarius Strengths: balanced, serene, intuitive, diplomatic, peacemaking, artistic — capable of creating colour and beauty, a good sense of humour, abundant creativity, spontaneous and improvising.

Weaknesses: ambivalent, indecisive, conflict ridden, over emotional, too compromising, violent mood swings. Vocations: diplomat, counsellor, artist, entertainer. Ray 5 Concrete Mind — Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius Strengths: the scientific mind, analytical, technical, pragmatic, inventive, powerful research capability, objective.

Weaknesses: Insensitive, critical, unforgiving, separative, non-social, all mind and no heart, seeks to control through knowledge. Vocations: scientist, researcher, engineer, analyst, technician.

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Weaknesses: over emotional, over-dependent, blind faith, intolerant, fanatical, dogmatic, sentimental, one-eyed, takes things personally. Ray 7 Ceremony Order Magic — Aries, Cancer, Capricorn Strengths: highly organised and efficient, managing skill, meticulous, self-reliant, graceful, excellent manners, magical ability to manifest what is required on the physical plane. Weaknesses: rigid orderliness, exacting perfectionist, intolerant, superficial judgment, emphasises appearance and image, pompous, bigotry, materialism.

Vocations: management, manifesting ideas, building stately forms on earth such as through architecture, ceremony, magic. The Esoteric Astrologer will help people identify S oul and personality rays. The prison of the soul pattern needing to be transmuted. The dharma life duty we are responsible for completing. Particular areas of karmic duties to fulfil. Areas of service.

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